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PSP 2 Is "Real," PS3 Price Cut To Be Announced At E3

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Yes, the PSP 2 is "real," and that's according to Insider Source. Apparently, Sony reps have already shown off the so-called PSP 2 and someone has mentioned some of the physical features. This includes: rounded edges, dual analog sticks, a small sliding screen, similar size and thickness as the current PSP and no UMD drive. No, this reoccurring picture is still not a real picture of the rumoured PSP 2, so don't get your hopes up. Patapon 2 looks like it is the test dummy for the PSP 2 and if it fails, they could scrap the PSP 2 as a whole and bring back the UMD. We'll see happens at E3

This is yet another so-called "confirmed" news. Remember that PS3 price cut? Well, it looks like that $100 USD price cut will be announced at E3 this year by Sony. Like the PSP 2, we'll see what happens at E3. I'm excited and I really hope it's a big event for Sony.

[PS3 QJ]


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