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Nintendo DSi Almost Available

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The Nintendo DSi launched in Europe today and is hitting North American shores in just 2 days. The new DSi is a bit lighter, weighing in at just 7.5 ounces, and is also slimmer than the previous DS. It's around $40 USD more expensive than the current DS, but that shouldn't be a problem because of its new features. It has two 0.3MP cameras, an ARM 133MHz processor, 16MB of RAM, WiFi, a larger 3.25-inch screen, and an SD card slot. Unfortunately, the DSi drops the old Game Boy Advance card slot to make room for these new features. The new DSi will compete directly with the PSP and indirectly with the gaming aspect of the iPod Touch / iPhone. Like Apple, the DSi will have its own App Store called DSi Shop where you can purchase DSiWare - basically, downloadable games. To top it off, the DSi also doubles as a music player. Americans look out for this new toy for your kids in just 2 days.

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