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Mitsubishi 82-Inch 3D-Ready Home Theater HDTV; and 16-Speaker Unisen HDTV

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Mitsubishi is known for their gigantic HDTVs - and their vehicles. They have their LaserVue's and they also have their Electric Diamond Vision in the new Yankee Stadium. What you see above is a part of Mitsubishi's new Home Theater TV lineup. This new lineup includes the 737-series (consists of 60, 65, 73, 82-inch models), 837-series (consists of 65, 73, 82-inch models), and the 82-inch WD-82737 HDTV. The WD-82737 is 3d-ready, has 120Hz technology, has four HDMI sockets, an "exclusive 6-color processor," and has a "JADE Activity-based user interface" - whatever that is. Every TV set that has been mentioned thus far will have a price range in the ballpark of $1,499 to $4,999 USD.

Just in case you're not exactly ready to jump onto the 3D bandwagon then why not pick up an HDTV with 16-speakers built-in? "First up is the new Unisen line, comprised of the 151 Series (40-, 46- and 52-inches), the 153 Series (40-, 46- and 52-inches) and the high-end Diamond 259 Series (46- and 52-inches). All of these TVs will have a 5.1-channel 16-speaker bar, an UltraThin Frame design, 120Hz "Smooth Film Motion" technology, four HDMI sockets, and a USB media port. "The top end crew also includes an iSP calibration microphone, Plush1080p 5G 18-bit digital video processing, a wired IR input and few swank blue accents." These new Mitsubishi TVs are expected to hit America next month with a price range of $1,799 to $3,299 USD. For all of the exact pricings make sure to check out the links below.

[Engadget (3D-Ready), Engadget (Unisen)]


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