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Why Safari Is Not My Main Browser; Exploited In Seconds

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At the Can SecWest security conference, Charlie Miller (pictured) won $5,000 for exploiting a hole in Safari in just "10 seconds or so." Talk about a fast exploit. It works after the computer user clicks on a malicious URL. Miller is also recognized for hacking a MacBook Air in under 2 minutes, for that he won $10,000. He did this Safari exploit at the "Pwn2Own" contest earlier today. Unfortunately, he is unable to unveil his exploiting secrets, but he did tell Apple how he did it so that they can fix it up. TippingPoint sponsored this contest and they are also offering $5,000 "for each new exploit demonstrated in the major browsers and $10,000 for each successful exploit in the major smartphones, as well." This guy seriously must make a living out of this kind of stuff and I don't blame him. This is only his side job, since he is a principal security analysis at Independent Security Evaluators. I'd make fun of him, but he might start exploiting Chrome to "Own" my computer, so I am not going to do that.

[CNet News]


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