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PC vs Mac Ad I: Gets Dissected

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Watch the clip below and then scroll back up to read the rest of the post. So, after seeing the newest PC vs Mac commercial, what do you think? According to a post on 9 to 5 Mac, one of the shoppers in the Apple store shown in the video has spoken out and said that she (Lauren) didn't even walk into the Apple store. Surprising? Hell no. It's an ad in favour of a PC, obviously the whole thing is staged. Let's get back to the ad, it clearly takes a shot at Apple's expensive prices. So, this sparked an Apple user, named Mitch. He wrote Gizmodo (I think) and said that he is willing to let Lauren try out his 17-inch Mac laptop, so that she can truly decide whether or not she made the right decision. After Gizmodo wrote Mitch back, he claimed to be 100% serious in letting her try out his Apple PowerBook (no pun intended). Gizmodo is now claiming that they are trying to get in-contact with Lauren to see which one she prefers, the PC or the Mac.

Now this is where I have to interfere. What is so good about an Apple notebook? Basically, it's overpriced. You can get the same specs inside of a Mac notebook in a PC for a much cheaper price - and for a more reliable brand aka Asus or Lenovo. Mac OS X may be better than Vista, but I don't think it will be better than Windows 7. Besides having the "1000 recharge battery" (which HP now has, by the way) and the different OS, what makes Apple's notebooks so amazing? In addition, the Mac OS X is always the last one to receive new games or new software (specifically Google Chrome) because Windows is the standard. If you're trying to "stand out" or be different, have fun wasting all of that money. Please, i'm craving to know why Mac is superior to a PC. Basically, Apple's notebooks are overpriced and don't have any bang for their buck, compared to a PC. Send some of your thoughts my way.

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