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Nokia XpressMusic / XpressRadio, New iPod Shuffle, New Facebook Home Page, Nintendo Ships Their 100 Millionth DS

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Just like i mentioned this morning, (from left to right) the 5730 XpressMusic, 5330 XpressMusic and the 5030 XpressRadio are now available for €280 (Q3), €260 (also Q3) and €40 (Q2), respectively. I just thought i'd give you a picture of all 3 of Nokia's new handsets.

This small device you see here is a AA battery the new iPod Shuffle from Apple. As you can see, it's extremely tiny and has no buttons on it. The buttons are found on the supplied earphones. The new iPod Shuffle announcement and release was a surprise to everyone and I have some of its specs for you. The new iPod Shuffle has 4GB of storage, comes in silver or black with a stainless steel clip and Apple claims the Shuffle to be the first music player with a "VoiceOver" feature. It also has 10 hours of music playback, but that is actually 2 hours less than the 12 hour music playback that the last Shuffle touted. This Shuffle is extremely small and i can't really stress that enough. It's actually now available for $80 USD, so go and get it online if you want it that badly. This is clearly the "real" iPod Nano, in terms of size.

"When Facebook users login today, they're going to find something new - and, Facebook hopes, addicting - a real time stream of all their friends' updates across Facebook, the Facebook Platform, and Facebook Connect." Clearly this is not the case, since i'm still waiting for the Facebook Home Page to change. It will probably be up tonight before i go to sleep and i'm excited to see it. It looks good and i especially love the use of the 3 columns in the new design. I'm excited to see how it works out and how others react to it. Apparently, this new Facebook Home Page will roll out slowly over the next couple of days to users, so it could be a while before it pops up for you.

Nintendo has reached yet another amazing feat. To be specific, I'm talking about Nintendo shipping out their 100 millionth Nintendo DS. This is amazing and this number is growing at a steady and quick pace. The Nintendo DSi is scheduled to be released in a couple of weeks, so expect those to be sold out at a store near you. The DSi will be a significant upgrade to the current DS. It sports a larger (3.25-inch) screen, has built-in memory, but unfortunately will not be backwards compatible with your old GameBoy Advance games. It also has 2 cameras and has the ability to go on the Internet and stuff. It's only a few weeks away kids!

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