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Motorola VE465; Not Innovative At All

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I've talked a bit about Motorola's new "innovative" lineup, such as the Motorola Evoke QA4, but it's time to head over to the more traditional and ugly Motorola handsets. This so-called rugged handset has apparently been scooped up by Alltel and Telus. The price and availability is still unknown, but I do have the spec sheet for all of you still interested in this handset. The VE465 has a 1.9-inch internal display with a 176 x 220 resolution, a 1.05-inch external display with a 96 x 80 resolution (pictured above), Bluetooth, MMS / SMS, a 1.3MP camera, microSD slot and a bunch of other uninteresting and standard features. As you can tell, this phone isn't a high-end phone. It's no surprise since Motorola doesn't have any high-end phones, especially since the Touch ZINE HD was debunked.

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