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Firefox's 100% Market Share, Pre Going To Lure Away iPhone Users? Google Chrome 2.0, Turn IE8 Off In Windows 7

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Just when you thought the browser battle had just begun, Firefox has ended it. They have a 100% market share. Besides looking at the lame graph, you you may be saying, "Hmm, there must be a catch." Well, of course there is. Seeing how this data was taken from computers being used in Antarctica.

Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners founder, had some choice words for Apple and their iPhone. He mentions that the Palm Pre will pull some of Apple iPhone's users. He mentioned that people will be able to use Sprint instead of AT&T and that will help lure those iPhone users. "'You know the beautiful thing: June 29, 2009, is the two-year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone,' McNamee noted. 'Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later.'" Obviously he is exaggerating and while i do think that the Palm Pre will attract some iPhone users, those dedicated will not make the switch. This is simply because they love Apple. They buy everything made from Apple, including: the iPhone, iPods, MacBooks. While the Palm Pre is the better device solely based on hardware, we'll see if it can step up to the challenge. I think that Apple is timing their next iPhone announcement right before the Pre launches. I think it would be fairly smart of them to do.

Now that Firefox is deciding to skip the release of 3.1, jumping Firefox to 3.5, this triggered something in my brain. Google Chrome's developer edition (2.0). Will it be the edition that will feature add-ons? I don't know, but i can say that this will be my first prediction. My prediction: Google Chrome 2.0 will have add-ons. It makes sense, at least to me. A big new update that will feature add-ons and themes. Seeing how long Google takes to update their stuff, it seems about right. Google Chrome currently has their stable version, their beta version and their developer version. I can't wait for the release of add-ons. You can change your Chrome theme using Xchrome, but the themes are limited and unofficial.

Microsoft has now confirmed that you will be able to turn off practically every "major" feature in Windows 7. With the newest build (7048) you can turn off every major feature, including Internet Explorer 8. Hilarious stuff, that's definitely the first thing i'm taking off. Could this be a sign of Microsoft giving up on their own browser? Hmm, i just thought i'd put it out there. With Firefox now in second place (around 24%) behind the most widely used browser, Internet Explorer 7 (about 40% market share), it's only a matter of time until one browser steps up and prevails against Internet Explorer. Or could Microsoft be teaming up with another browser to make an ultimate browser? Okay, the last point was pretty ridiculous, but maybe Microsoft is really starting to wake up and see that their browser just can't compete anymore.

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