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Family Crisis; Alfie Patten Not The Baby Daddy

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Over a month ago, the world was in shock. A 13-year old (who looks 8) named Alfie Patten was revealed to be a very young father. The mother? A 15-year old (who looks 28) named Chantelle Steadman. Alfie was shocked but still vowed to be a good father even though he's still a kid at heart, hence the PS3 controllers - this would not make a good Sony Playstation 3 ad. But today, revealed something even worse than having the baby. Realizing that he wasn't the father!! After a recent DNA test, it revealed that Mr. Patten is not the baby daddy. Usually, you would have a dance party - identified in the video below - but Alfie was not impressed. He was "devastated" by the news and now no one knows who the father is. On a side note, enjoy the video.



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