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South Korea at 1Gbps by 2012, Samsung's 12MP Cameraphone, EEE PC Has 9.5 Hour Battery Life

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South Korea is looking to increase their broadband speed by up to 10 times the current amount. In South Korea their current broadband speed is 100Mbps. By 2012, South Koreans may see speeds of up to 1Gbps. This will cost an estimate of $24.6 billion. First, i wanted to live in Japan and now i want to live in Korea. Although, i probably wouldn't fit in there because of all the hardcore gamers. But, i sure would love to get beat by them in Starcraft 2, i'd be honored. Long time ago, i read an article about Korean WoW players complaining that they were getting such "high" latency at a tournament in the US. At the US tournament, the latency was barely double-digits, maybe 12ms. The Koreans complained because they all have their fibre optic cables back at home, which minimizes their latency to about 2-3 ms. I don't really know how they were able to tell the difference because i'm fine with my 134 latency in WoW. Anyways, this upgrade in Internet speed is also going to upgrade the clarity of their television by up to 16 times, as you can read in the picture.

Rumour has it that Samsung is ready to unveil their 12MP cameraphone at this year's MWC, which is oh-so-close. I can't wait until MWC and i've said this a couple of times already. I still want optical zoom and a better flash instead of just raw megapixels. We'll see if the camera has some decent features though.

9.5 hours of battery life? I remember when i was satisfied with my laptop's 3 hour battery life and i thought that it was incredible. Luckily, EEE PC 1000HE has showed my laptop up with a 9.5 hour battery life. The battery lasts so long because of "ASUS' own Super Hybrid Engine battery conservation tech." Of course this 9.5 hour battery life may only be attainable in the best conditions ever possible, but it's still impressive nonetheless. Besides, the long battery life the laptop comes with a couple of features, such as: a 10-inch LED screen, BlueTooth and a 160GB HDD plus an extra 10GB of "Eee Online storage." The built-in processor is a "1.66GHz Atom N280." It's a pretty nice looking laptop, but i think that a black version would look better than this blue one.

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Samsung's 12MP Phone: http://i.gizmodo.com/5144209/rumor-samsung-announcing-first-12mp-cameraphone-this-month
EEE PC 1000HE (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/02/eee-pc-1000he-with-9-5-hour-battery-seeks-friends-pre-orders/


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