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Samsung's MID Has WiMAX, Nintendo DSi, Capcom Could Add More SFIV Characters, New Final Fantasy XIII Chracters, TI and Wind River Create Something

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We've already seen NVIDIA's attempts at the MID and now it's time to head over to Samsung. The SWD-M100D looks decent, boasting a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and a TV out. This MID also has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, but was seen running WinMo 6.1, which is torture to use. It does have WiMAX, so i guess we can give it some kudos for that.

IGN released a statement before that the Nintendo DSi was going to be released on April 4 for $179.99 USD on this side of the world. Well, the real release date and price have just been announced. Oh, and did i mention a new colour? So, look out for the DSi on April 5 for $169.99 USD. In Japan, they released a black and white version of the DSi. Well in the US, there will also be 2 versions, it will be the normal black and a new blue model. It will be bundled with a "DS rhythm game" called Rhythm Heaven.

Apparently, a new statement from the Street Fighter IV development team said that they have already done the pre-texturing to a few more characters and that if the voice of the gamer is heard, they could add more characters, via patches. This is exciting news. Imagine getting some SFII characters into the mix, like T. Hawk or Dee Jay. Street Fighter IV looks like it will be a big game, so gamers let your voice be heard. Request more characters and Capcom will try their best to meet your demands.

3 more Final Fantasy characters have leaked: Gabo (Gabou), Lebro (Rebro) and Markie (Marquis). These names may not carry over to the English version. But, at least now you know that there were 3 new characters that were leaked. If you want to see the characters, go to this link, via ps3.qj.net.

TI as in Texas Instruments, not the rapper. And "something" refers to the device that you see on the left side and in the video below. I'm not sure what this device is and i don't really want to call it an MID, but that is what it looks like. Texas Instruments and Wind River have worked together to fuse this device together, the Zoom OMAP34x-II. This device has a solid 4.1-inch touchscreen, HDMI out, 16GB of memory, an 8MP camera, an SD card clot, and has a large QWERTY keypad. This Android-running device will have 2 models; One model will have Wi-Fi only and the other one has 3G, they will go for $1150 USD and $1399 USD, respectively. The high pricing of this device is where i question it. With $1000 USD you can get a laptop that is a much better device than this, but the video is definitely worth a look. The Android UI that it runs is amazing. Reminded me of Pre's innovative UI. Maybe the UI is a bit overdo-ing it though. The video is below, via Gizmodo.

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TI and Wind River's "Something" video: http://i.gizmodo.com/5155597/coolest-cellphone-interface-ever-is-also-absolutely-useless


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