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Safari 4 Beta (Part 2)

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I could be wrong with some of my points, since i haven't exactly tested out the browser to it's full potential. But, after praising the Safari's lightning speed, i must point out it misses on a few key points for me. When i close Safari 4, there is currently no option to "restore the tabs" that were open last. This is key because on my laptop i always have at least 3 tabs open at all times: Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. I want them up as soon as i open my browser, so "restoring the tabs that were open last" should be implemented in a future build. One more key point is the bookmarks bar. Firefox and Chrome do the bookmarks bar well and, for me, Safari's is not too intelligent. Although the "Cover Flow" feature is good, it's also time-consuming and pointless. Apple should implement some kind of bookmarks bar at the top of the page where the so-called "Folders" can be placed because opening bookmarks in a sidebar is kind of old-school and slow productivity-wise. On the other hand, I now have Safari 4 as my default browser but that's because, for some reason, i can't make Chrome my default browser on my laptop. I think it's because of the Windows 7 Beta though. This is good because since Safari 4 is fast, it won't load up links i get from friends in the slow Firefox. Google Chrome is still my number one browser, so don't think that i've made a permanent move to Safari 4. Safari 4 now has an interface similar to Chrome. The address bar and all the information is crushed-up to the top of the browser's interface. They took out the "Menu Bar" and now utilize the same buttons on the top right side for the options and preferences that Chrome does. I haven't used Safari 3, so i don't know which features are new features. But, i should also point out that the Safari 4 Beta has an Autofill feature. I will probably do a "Part 3" of the Safari 4 Beta, but i'll do that when i've gone through everything the Safari 4 Beta has to offer.

Safari 4 Beta (and picture): http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/02/24/safari-4-finally-a-reason-to-come-back/


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