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Palm Pre Launching in Mid-March [or May or June]?, USB-Based MIMO Monitors, Mission One To Be The World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle, Samsung T929 Memoir, 17-inch MacBook Pro Delayed

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There is no confirmed launch date for the Palm Pre, but someone has decided to step up and mention that we may see a March 15 release date. But, this is just a rumour. Boy Genius Report said that "they wouldn't bet on it [the release date]" and that they expect a May or early June launch date.

So, using DisplayLink technology you can use these 7-inch monitors using USB 2.0. These MIMO monitors have a contrast ratio of 400:1 and a resolution of up to 800 x 480. There will be 2 models: the UM-710 and the UM-740, which will go for retail prices of $129.99 USD and $199.99 USD, respectively. The models look the exact same, but the difference is that the UM-740 will have a microphone and also webcam and touchscreen capabilities. These monitors weigh a mere 1.3 pounds and will have the ability to be tilted into portrait or landscape mode, whichever one you want.

This motorcycle, dubbed the name Mission One is claiming to be the world's fastest 100% electric motorcycle. It will reach speeds of up to 150mph. The lithium ion battery recharges in only 2 hours and on one recharge, you will be able to travel for up to 150 miles. The motorcycle itself looks really good. Unfortunately, the availability or the price has not been mentioned yet.

The Samsung T929 Memoir is the American sibling to the Samsung M8800 Pixon. The Memoir's features include: an 8MP camera with xenon flash, a 3-inch touchscreen with a 720 x 480 resolution, 3G and Bluetooth support. This is the first 8 megapixel camera to hit the USA. It even comes with a decent price of $299.99 USD with a 2-year contract at T-Mobile. Awesome-ness, right?

The new 17-inch MacBook Pro will be delayed at least 2 more weeks; it's been delayed until February 19, at this point. Looks like Apple fans worldwide will have to wait for their extra-long [and non-removable] battery life. The MacBook Pro is not for me, as of right now. I have two laptops that i can alternate through, whenever i feel like, so there's no need for a third one.

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