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Microsoft's Surface Computer, Punch Out!!, Gmail Attachments, New Nintendo Wii Controller, PS3 Running Starcraft

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Microsoft's Surface Computer is scheduled to release in 2011, but there is a way you can get it this June. If you're looking to spend a couple million dollars, that is. Microsoft's Surface Computer will go on sale this June, but in order to purchase the Surface Computer itself, you will have to purchase a Lazzara Yacht. Microsoft's Surface Computer will be attached to the floor, inside of the yacht. If you want to make quick money, i heard drug dealing is a good way to do so. Keep in mind that it is still illegal, even in California.

Punch Out!! is coming to the Nintendo Wii on May 18. I'm definitely going to tell my cousins to get this, so that i can play this in the summertime. I love Punch Out!! I remember finishing it about 3 years ago on my computer (thank you SNES emulators). It's a fun game and it's actually something i look forward to playing on the Wii (first time i've ever said that).

You now attach multiple attachments at once on Gmail. As you may know, before you were only allowed to attach one file at a time which made things time-consuming if you were going to attach multiple attachments to one e-mail. But, Google has finally implemented. Go and Shift or Ctrl + Click to attachment domination.

The Classic Controller Pro will be available soon. This is the new Nintendo Wii Controller and they decided to keep the word "Classic" in its name. There is no word on the price or availability but it should be available soon. The new Wii controller, as you can see, has the 2 new handles, emulating the PS3 or Xbox 360 controller.

I thought i'd end it this post with a video of Starcraft running on the Playstation 3 just for kicks. With the use of Windows 95 along with Windows 95, that is, via YouTube.

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