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WoW 10-day Trial, Dell XPS 13 and 'Adamo'

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Omfg, very important news. I will soon be back on my priest, but only for 10 days. So, now that WotLK is out, Blizzard is releasing free 10-day free trials. "To be eligible for the trial, you'll need both the full version of World of Warcraft and the first expansion The Burning Crusade. The offer is only extended to current or past subscribers to WoW." Also, "Additionally, you have to have a character that's at least level 55 (in order to try out the new Death Knight class) or level 68 (in order to travel to the new continent of Northrend). For obvious reasons, you're limited to only one free trial per account." So, looks like, i will be on my priest soon. Hey, Daniel, read this soon! I'll probably start on Saturday. Because tomorrow i might be busy and Saturday is always a good day to start. Oh wait, i could even start on Friday night. Anyways, i'm excited to be on my priest soon, ahh, can't wait to play as Shadow. Anyways, i'll be back later [possibly]. WoW time, for real now.

Sexy Dell Laptops are on their way. The new Dell Studio XPS 13 and the 'Adamo.' The Dell Studio XPS 13 looks really slick and sexy. This upcoming laptop will have leather on it. At this point, i'm not sure where, but i do know that there are parts of leather on the back of the laptop. The upcoming Dell 'Adamo' will be the "world's thinnest laptop." Take that Macbook Air. "The Adamo will sport a black and silver color scheme." Engadget states that they are actually trying to work on getting some photos of the Dell 'Adamo.' So, be on the lookout for my blog about the 'Adamo' in the future.

WoW (and picture): http://www.cinemablend.com/games/WoW-Wrath-Of-The-Lich-King-Free-For-Ten-Days-14143.html
Dell (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2008/12/18/dell-studio-xps-13-leather-wrapped-laptop-revealed-adamo-info-l/


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