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Why Blizzard Why?

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[Second time writing this, since last one deleted.] Well, Kasturion was resurrected at about 10:00 p.m. today. I started levelling him at about 11 p.m. My girlfriend stayed up with me all night waiting until i leveled. Well, i was excited, seeing that i was clearly going to be level 80 in less than 10 days time. Thanks to Blizzard for the free 10-day free trial. I'm about to own them. Little did i know, i was the one being wtfpwned. Anyways, I was updating my girlfriend every single time i handed in a new quest, i'd tell her my percentage to get to level 71 was. I'd get excited every single time i hand in a new quest because i could just feel the new level 71-ness. Anyways, at around 4:00 a.m. we got into an argument, so she went to sleep. Leaving me to level and stay up on my own. Anyways, around 4:23 a.m. i look at my level bar and it says 0:40 minutes to level. So, it was 40 seconds until i hit level 71. I pull 4 mobs because i'm pro. I kill all 4 and i didn't level, i was like, wth is going on. I look at my xp bar and it says 1 XP to level, so i go and attack another mob. I kill it successfully and realize that, Blizzard has just owned me. I can't level in the damn free trial, wtf. I don't know what the policy is and i'm too lazy to look for it. Seems to me that it's either you can't level at all in the free trial or you can't level over level 70. Either way, omg. I was so excited, but no. Blizzard ruined my fun.

If you want me to explain the picture, at the very bottom of the screen is the experience bar and as you can see it is full, all blue. And if you... nvm, it's too small. K, well, i look sexy, k? Anyways, argh, i'm mad now. That was 5 hours i'll never get back. Lucky my girlfriend's not here right now or she would be laughing at me right now. But, i still miss her... =(. Anyways, till tomorrow, bye.

God damned Blizzard, got my hopes up for nothing. =(.


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