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Christmas: Bests and Worsts

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Today, i will be explaining my day and how my Christmas went, we will talk about the highs and also the lows of the day.

Worst: As i mentioned in my previous blog, i woke up at around 11:42 this morning and my mom never said a word to me. She went into my room 3 times, twice to drop off clothes from the laundry and once to give me my present (with no card, wtf). I opened my present and i received a wallet and usually, i would like something like this. But, you know what? Right now, i don't need a wallet. I already have 3, do i really need another? It's not like i told her that i needed one in the first place, so i don't know where she comes up with a dumb idea like that. Not once, did she even bother to ask me if i needed anything for Christmas, but whatever. It's so funny because when we went to Best Buy on the weekend to get my cousin's gift, i actually got my hopes up that i was actually getting a PS3. Want to know why? We split up in the store and i found her fiddling around in the Playstation 3 section of the store. Thanks for fooling me. Anyways, so i got a wallet for Christmas, yipee, at least there was 50 bucks inside the wallet. Did i mention that not once did she say Merry Christmas to me today. She also never said thank you for the gift that i got her, Bourne Ultimatum. She's actually been wanting that box set for a year now. At least one of us got something they wanted. So, moving along, she yells at me to go and eat, but i never went because i wasn't hungry at the time. I did end up eating my breakfast about a half hour later, but ehh. Anyways, moving even more along, it hits about 3:45 p.m. and i ask my mom if she can drive me to my girlfriend's, Nikki's, place and you know what she says? "Oh, i didn't even know you were going." Seriously? I've been telling her for about a week now and she claims that i haven't told her, so whatever, i just go and bus to Nikki's instead. I got to my girlfriend's place at around 5 and this was by far the best part of the day.

Best: I got to my girlfriend's place and they were watching 'House of Saddam.' At first, i said to myself, "Why are we watching this?" But, it actually was quite interesting. Anyways, after a while i finally made my way to the basement where the teenagers were playing Rock Band on the Wii. I had such a good time. Being able to spend time with Nikki and her family, playing with her cute cousins, watching the guys play Rock Band, shooting some hoops on the mini-net downstairs and actually being able to feel as if i was actually part of a family. This morning was the loneliest i've ever felt. I rode 2 buses to get to Nikki's place and on the first bus, i was the only one inside and on the second one, there were 3 of us inside the bus. Anyways, her family just really made me so happy. The laughing, karaoke, cousins and a special thanks to my girlfriend, who was so amazing tonight. They had a 'Steal a Gift' and it just brought us all so many laughs and smiles that it just took away all of the pain that i felt this morning from being completely neglected by my mother. It was an amazing time and i thank my girlfriend, Nikki, and her parents who helped me through a tough time.

Worst: Before i left Nikki's house, i called my mom and asked for a ride home. She said, "Well, you can bus to her house, why don't you bus home?" I said, "Do you know what time it is? They don't have buses running this late at night." Mom says, "Oh well, maybe you should have gone home earlier then, oh wait, you have money now right? [referring to the Christmas money that i now have] Why don't you take a cab home?" I got furious and asked her what was wrong with her today and out of anger i called her an asshole, but i don't regret it. That was the first time that i actually swore at my mother on purpose and it felt good. For her to make my Christmas so horrible, i just had to send her a message and that was the only way i could do it. I may have been wrong for calling her that, but all of the hurt that i am feeling right now is telling me not to regret what i said.

Best: My girlfriend was by my side the whole time and i really thank her for that. She took time away from her family party in order to love and care for me and i really, really appreciated it. She is amazing and i couldn't ask for a better girlfriend. Her parents were also extremely nice to me when they saw how much pain i was in. I was crying and thankfully, my girlfriend was there to hug me and to tell me that everything was okay. She gave me some alcohol because, "I needed it." I love her to death, seriously. Nikki's mom gave me some food to bring home, mmm =). Nikki's dad was also being extremely nice to me and was going to lend me a ride to the corner of the street, which is where i was going to be picked up by my cousin's [not my mom]. Unfortunately, there were cars blocking his car's pathway out of the driveway, but it was okay, i still appreciate his effort. After my short walk to the corner at about 12:30 in the morning, my aunt was there to pick me up. I told her the story and what happened between me and my mom and now i am at their place and i also thank them for allowing me to sleep-over here for the night. I will most likely be going home tomorrow, but i just needed to get away from my mom for a bit because i hate all of her negative vibe that she gives off.

Conclusion: Special Thanks: To my cousin's (for letting me stay at their place), Nikki's family (for helping me feel as if i was part of a family, for a change), Nikki's parents (for being extremely nice to me) and, of course, Nikki (for being there every single step of the way, i love you so much babe)
Special NO Thanks: Hi mother.

Anonymous said...
December 26, 2008 at 4:23 PM  

i love you babe. i'm so happy we gave you SOME fun on christmas <3

Anonymous said...
December 26, 2008 at 4:23 PM  

ij,...i'm giving you the biggest hug EVER the next time i see you. <3 it's a shame i couldn't be there for you too...mahal na mahal kita. (but not as much as nikki)

Unknown said...
December 26, 2008 at 4:33 PM  

Hehe, i love you both, you guys are both amazing.
Of course, i had fun at your place Nikki =)
And, ashlee, yes, you do already owe me a million big hugs, since you still haven't given me those ones from a long time =D
Mahal din kita, both of you =)

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