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Verizon Posts 21% Profit Drop, Laying Off 8,000 Employees, But Bright Future?

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Looks like it was a bad second quarter for Verizon. Their profits dove down 21% and they have just reported that they will be laying off around 8,000 employees by the end of 2009. And that sucks. The good news is that they look like they could have a strong future. They reaffirmed that they are launching the Palm Pre in early 2010. It looks like they could be launching the Apple tablet by the end of this year / early next year too. They are going to launch the BlackBerry Storm 2 / Thunder in the near future. They could also launch the LG BL40, which will also be a great addition to their line-up. The Samsung Rogue U960, HTC XV6875 (HTC Touch Pro 2), and HTC XV6975 (HTC Touch Diamond 2) looks like it will also get launched as well. The future doesn't look so dim for Verizon - at least, for their sake, I hope.

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