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LG BL40 Could Be the Chocolate 4 Headed to Verizon, Doesn't Have 3G!!

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Let's recap, shall we? Last week, we heard that LG would be launching a new Black Label handset that would be their iPhone rival. At the beginning of this week, that was revealed to be the LG Chocolate BL40. Well, two days ago I mentioned that Verizon has the "rights" on the LG Chocolate 4 and at the time, we didn't know what that could be. Apparently, the LG BL40 could be the Chocolate 4, so good job on Verizon's part.

Now for today's news. The LG BL40 has just surpassed the FCC, so it could be on its way soon. The very, very sad part about all of this is that the LG BL40 doesn't have American 3G! What is LG thinking? I really hope this is a mistake of some sort because that is a really big disappointment. How can you expect to be an iPhone rival without 3G? It doesn't even make sense. Two thumbs down for GSM 850 / 1900.

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