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Verizon Says They Are Releasing the Pre In 6 Months; Sprint Responds With "No"

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Verizon Wireless recently stated that in about 6 months they will be releasing the Palm Pre and the BlackBerry Storm 2. The Palm Pre will be available on Sprint in about a week, and 6 months from June would be December. Sprint heard what Verizon said and responded by saying that that they have the Palm Pre exclusively throughout 2009. So, it looks like Verizon could be launching the Pre in early 2010, but the Storm 2 could still be on for the end of the year. Exciting news? Mehh, not really.

On a side note, Verizon also said that they would launch the "cousin" of the Palm Pre, which is probably the Palm Eos. Don't know when though.

[Engadget, Boy Genius]


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