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Verizon To Have 4G In Up To 30 Cities This Year, Phone Expected In H1 2011

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Verizon held a conference yesterday and I almost missed it. Thanks to Electronista, we know exactly what they said. Verizon's CTO, Tony Melone, mentioned that 25 to 30 cities in the US will have LTE-based 4G connectivity by the end of the year. That comes out to about a third of the whole country which is great news. He also mentioned that their 4G coverage will be doubled in the next fifteen months and that they "should finally match or exceed their 3G coverage by late 2013.

Unfortunately, he went on to mention that their first 4G phone won't launch until the first half of 2011, which is pretty late considering that Sprint USA is planning on launching the amazing HTC EVO 4G sometime this Summer. It's not confirmed what Verizon's first 4G phone will be but it's rumoured to be the Samsung r900 (probably not pictured above, but that was the LTE phone that was showcased at CTIA last year).

Verizon's 4G connectivity will generally be the same technology as AT&T's future 4G connectivity so I'm looking forward to the competition between the two carriers. Verizon's current EVDO 3G peaks at 2-3Mbps and Verizon's future 4G network is currently running at 5-12Mbps with the peak projected at around 40-50Mbps.

Picture Source: Slash Gear


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