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Vodafone Getting the Nexus One On April 30th; Verizon Not Getting It Anymore, Get the DROID Incredible Instead

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Vodafone UK has just announced that they'll be releasing the Google Nexus One on April 30th, which is this Friday. This is great news especially considering that the DROID Incredible won't be hitting the UK. Of course, it'll be available for free on select contracts.

Google has just updated their site to tell you that there's no point in getting the Nexus One since the DROID Incredible will be launched in the near future - April 29th. The DROID Incredible is exactly like the Nexus One except for the difference design, of course, and the improved 8MP camera. There's really nothing to cry about here. Google has already confirmed that they are not launching the Nexus One on Verizon.

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