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Nokia N86 Pre-Orders, See A Comet On Monday, HP Will Make WinMo 6.5 Phones, Windows 7 RC 1

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You can now pre-order the Nokia N86, if you really want to. According to the screenshot, you can see the price of the phone, which is expensive. It's expensive because of the 8MP camera with the Carl Zeiss lens. Anyways, the release date is also leaked on the site, saying that it will be available on July 22, 2009. The N86 looks decent, but when you slide the phone up, it unleashed a ton of ugly. The plasticky-looking and plain-looking keypad just doesn't do the phone any good. I'll pass. Update: you might want to click on the picture for a bigger image.

You will be able to see Comet Lulin from February 23rd - mid March, with the help of binoculars. Lulin will pass Earth and come as close as 38 million miles away. Lulin was first discovered in July 2007 and will appear about "2 degrees south-southwest of Saturn before it disappears out into the dark abyss in mid-March." This photo i have here is a picture of the comet "and the fading red and blue light comes from the X-ray and ultraviolet telescopes, respectively." So, if you want to take a look at that, go ahead. Although, i can't really tell you where 2 degrees south-southwest of Saturn is.

HP has just announced that it will utilize Windows Mobile 6.5 in its future devices. No surprise here. "The company cites WinMo 6.5's 'key enhancements to business productivity, personal messaging and mobile Internet capabilities' plus its 'new visual appeal' as some of the reasons for its continued love of the OS." I guess they didn't mention that it runs slow and is pretty non-responsive. It's not all about the looks and what Microsoft says WinMo 6.5 will do HP. Hop on the Android bandwagon. Then again, it's not like HP really had a choice of what OS to use for their devices.

Rumour has it that the Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 will be made publicly available on April 10. This is amazing news, but could be a rumour. I hope this is true though, cause that means it's less than 2 months away! I love the Windows 7's beta so far, so an RC coming out soon would be greatly appreciated. Maybe i can run Windows 7 on my PC and Android on a secondary notebook / netbook. Hi Asus! Engadget also mentioned that the unicorn is in the picture because that's what they refer to the OS [Windows 7] as. I don't know why.

Nokia N86 Pre-Orders (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/20/expansys-puts-nokia-n86-up-for-pre-order-gives-it-a-release-dat/
See A Comet On Monday (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5157799/get-a-great-view-of-a-comet-with-binoculars-starting-monday
HP Will Make WinMo 6.5 Phones (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/21/hp-confirms-support-for-windows-mobile-6-5/
Windows 7 RC 1 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/21/rumor-mill-says-public-windows-7-release-candidate-coming-on-apr/

Anonymous said...
February 21, 2009 at 4:52 PM  

Hopfully there's still the upgrade option. No way in hell am I going to format...also explain what "RC" is...is it still a beta? Will there still be the time restriction (aug 1st?)

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