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3DFusion 3DFMax, YouTube Killing Third-Party Downloading, Sony Looking For New Game Machine Testers, Philips News: Net TV, Cinema 21:9 HDTV

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We've all heard about those Internet-connected HDTV's at CES, but right now it's all about 3D. That is, 3D without the glasses. Using Philips' WOWvx 3D solution, the 3DFusion 3DFMax display was born. There is no word on the price, contrast ratio, resolution or availability, so be on the lookout for that on a future blog post.

Just like i predicted. With the spawn of YouTube charging its users with a fee for downloads, they are currently on the verge of killing all third-party downloading programs. In the near future, the only way you will be able to download YouTube videos are by paying, which is retarded. Everything is just based on money nowadays. It's a shame. How can Google let this happen? On a side note, Rinontherox (aka hiphoprox) got their account deleted on YouTube because of the whole Warner Bros. issue (most likely). I always watched their videos too, cause of Erin =D. But, their account was "suspended."

Sony is currently "looking for an 'evaluator/assessor' for a 'new game machine.' That is 'part of the PlayStation or PSP series and their peripherals.'" Wow, what could this be Sony? Could it be the Playstation 4? Or maybe the PSP 2? It could even be a PSPhone. Sony's getting our hopes up here and hopefully the "new game machine" will be one of the above. I'm hoping so, at least. I hope it's not some dumb PS3 add-on or something that imitates the Wii in some way.

Philips looks like they are finally ready to jump on the Internet-connected HDTV bandwagon. They are "readying" their Net TV module, which is a box thing. "The box will purportedly bring the web's best content to your HDTV through an easy-to-understand user interface, and the WiFi capability means that you won't have to run an Ethernet cable to your set." Engadget suspects that this Philips HDTV / home entertainment will be limited to Europe. That pretty much summed up what the box is and where it is coming out. Unfortunately, there is no price for the Net TV module, but it is said to be scheduled for an April release.

Remember the Philips Cinema "Ultra-Widescreen" 21:9 HDTV? The TV that "removes those black bars" from your HDTV DVDs and stuff. This "behemoth" is going to start shipping in June, but will cost a whopping $5,045 USD (4,000). Talk about expensive, eh? If you can afford one of these, congratulations. But for us regular people, we'll have to look for something else.

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