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Motorola's Website Leaks Their Own Future Products; Smartphones, Tablet, and Even a Watch Phone

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PocketNow was the first website to break this new news to us. On Motorola's own website, which is being redesigned, they have leaked a bunch of new devices that we will likely see later this year. There's the Motorola XOOM 2 which will obviously be a new tablet running on the Android tablet OS. There are also a bunch of new smartphones: Slimline, Zaha, and Targa. There's also the Tracy XL which looks like it'll be the company's first watchphone. Interesting.

Maybe we'll be hearing about all of these soon and maybe they'll launch in Q3. Of course, these are just guesses but you can bet that most of those names are just codenames - except for the XOOM 2. Not much is known about any of these devices right now but the smartphones appear to be on the slim side.



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