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Verizon's Roadmap Leaks, Includes 8 Android Phones and a Lone Windows Phone

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Phandroid has just gotten quite a big exclusive leak regarding upcoming Verizon phones. The leak above is clearly "subject to change" but it's a fairly good indication of what to expect in the next couple of weeks / months. The first two that Verizon will be launching will apparently be on April 7th where you can expect two Android phones: the waterproof Casio Commando and the Samsung DROID Charge (aka Stealth) which will feature the Touchwiz UI as well as LTE (4G) support.

The week after that the carrier will be launching the PlayStation Certified XPERIA Play which is, of course, made by Sony Ericsson. A day after that will be the HTC Trophy which will be a Windows Phone 7 handset with Global connectivity which is great. Capping off the big month of April will be the DROID Incredible 2 which will be another Global device. The original DROID Incredible is now an EoL (End-of-Life) device so it's pretty clear that the successor is just around the corner.

On May 5th, you might want to mark the LG Revolution on your calendar. This one could be dropping on that day and it'll also have 4G connectivity via LTE. Launches in the rest of May include more 4G devices: Motorola DROID Bionic, DROID X 2, and the Galaxy S II. The Galaxy S II is definitely the one that people might be looking forward to the most - at least I am. Keep in mind that some of these devices could be delayed until June.



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