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Samsung GT-i9023 Hits the FCC, Could It Be a Nexus S With Android 2.4?

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A new smartphone has just hit the FCC and it's the Samsung GT-i9023. Engadget has just mentioned that this smartphone is shaped exactly like a Nexus S so it could be just that. This handset could be a "Black Silver" Nexus S model because that's what some European retailers have put it up as but it actually could be something a bit better.

The video below is coming from BestBoyZ and Engadget has theorized that the GT-i9023 that hit the FCC could actually be a Nexus S with Android 2.4 which should be the next version of Google's OS (called Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwich. It could also have some other improvements including a dual-core CPU (hopefully!) and HSPA+ connectivity for T-Mobile USA (the i9023 has AWS 3G support). Google's probably already testing whatever device this is so we'll really just have to wait. Maybe the unveiling will be at MWC or Google I/O. We'll have to wait and see.


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