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Will PS2 Backwards Compatibility Ever Come to the PS2? Let's Hope

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Just because the PS3 Slim that was shown off two days ago isn't backwards-compatible with PS2 games doesn't mean it will never come back. Actually, Sony's director of hardware, John Koller, said, "It's not coming back, so let me put that on the table." Yes, even though he said, people out there - like me - are still hoping that the PS3 will be backwards-compatible again one day.

In December 2008, Sony filed a patent for PS Emulation on the Cell processor and people believe that it will eventually come back. Maybe it will be in the rumoured 150GB / 250GB HDD equipped PS3 Slims. According to another rumour, backwards-compatibility could be made available via a download. Both rumours are still unconfirmed and could just be desperation at this point. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes back though.

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