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New iTunes 9 "Early Beta" Photos Show Off Social Integration

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I'm sure you've already heard about the iTunes 9 rumours. You know, the whole Blu-ray and social integration. Everyday we're just hearing more and more news about the whole thing. Apparently, these photos were just snapped of a recent iTunes 9 "early beta."

The first notable feature depicted in the new shots is the Facebook integration. The images show the ability to create a new playlist and then share it on Facebook. The Facebook entry that subsequently appears on the user’s FB wall will include an iTunes link, presumably pointing to the shared playlist found on an iTunes page. Up next… How about some third-party device support? Yeah, very un-Apple but maybe Jobs & Co. have decided to turn over a new leaf.

Make sure not to miss Apple's event on September 9th that should go through all of this information. We don't know how legit these pictures are, but you can check out the link below for a couple more pictures.

[Boy Genius]


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