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Two Tegra 2 Devices Headed To AT&T and Verizon In Q1 2011

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BGR has just received a pretty big tip if you're into getting the latest and greatest mobile phone. The one we've been hearing about for a long time is the Tegra 2-powered Motorola Olympus and this will reportedly be hitting AT&T in the US in January 2011. The screen is said to be "beautiful" and it's, of course, "very fast."

There's also another Tegra 2 powered device but this one will apparently be hitting Verizon with 4G (LTE) connectivity. This will be available in February / March of next year and is being codenamed the Etna. It's unknown which company this is coming from but it could very well be the LG Star, which we heard about a few weeks ago.

Update: The rumour mill is swirling and says that the Etna headed to Verizon could actually be an LTE model of the Olympus or even the DROID Incredible HD.

Motorola Olympus Picture Source: Phone Arena
LG Star Picture Source: Engadget


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