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Expansys Taking £679.99 Pre-Orders For the Samsung Galaxy Tab

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If you're interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab then you better have some money handy for this quite amazing device. Expansys has the tablet up for £679.99 pre-orders ($1,046 USD) and it says it'll be available on October 12th. Of course, this is unsubsidized and this model comes with 16GB of internal storage and 3G / WiFi support. If that's the case then it looks like the only thing holding back the Galaxy Tab from selling well will be the price tag. Well, that "only" is the most important factor so let's hope it gets subsidized to the max.

Update: Samsung has mentioned that the prices haven't been made official yet but they supposedly announced that it'll cost SEK 9,000 which is around $1,240. Looks like I probably won't be getting one because I'm only willing to spend $600.



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