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CDMA Verizon iPhone To Feature 3.7-Inch Retina Display and 1.2GHz A4 CPU?

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There's a new rumour going around regarding the specs of the Verizon CDMA iPhone that could hit the market in early 2011. The rumour states that the CDMA iPhone will feature a 1.2GHz Apple A4 chip, a 3.7-inch retina display, an internal antenna, and a "more durable design". Of course, these specs could be made up and guessed by just about anyone. If the CDMA iPhone has a retina display I'm going to assume that it'll sport the same resolution as the iPhone 4 which would mean that it would have a slightly lower pixel density. It's not much of a difference though, to be honest. Like I said, this is just a rumour (coming from DVICE) so don't get too excited.

[9 to 5 Mac]


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