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Samsung Launching New Phone On June 15th

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If you check out Samsung Unpacked, they have launched a new countdown for a new mobile phone. The countdown will end on June 15 and that's when Samsung will, obviously, unveil the new phone. We'll see what happens on the 15th, so I'll be sure to report that for all of you. Check out the excerpt below for more information.

Sealed within a multi-layered box, the top-secret new Samsung Mobile phone will be passed between people. Each day, one person will be selected to unpack a layer of the box, winning the new Samsung Mobile phone in the process. The box will then be passed on to the next person, and so on - until 15 June, when one lucky person will reveal the phone to the world at the Samsung Unpacked launch event. Along the way, someone will also win the $5,000 grand prize.

[Boy Genius]


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