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Nokia N97's Huge Price Drop To $454; Ovi Store To Have 20,000 Items At Launch

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Apparently, due to a glitch on Nokia's Official website, the pricing of the Nokia N97 was just $454 USD this morning - with the use of the promotional code CARTP409N. Nokia has fixed the problem though, so the pricing is back to $699 USD, so I definitely missed that drop. For those people who got their pre-order through when the price was $454, they will still be receiving their N97 for the low price. Lucky them and unlucky for most of us - including me.

Ovi Store is on its way and I'm definitely excited. Well, Nokia has just mentioned that at Ovi Store's launch there will be 20,000 "items" available. To compare, Apple's App Store currently has 40,000 apps. Keep in mind that Nokia did mention "items" so Engadget points out that this could include basic things like music / video downloads and possibly even ringtones. I can't wait for this to be released. Apps for everyone soon!! - if you have a Nokia that is.

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