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Nintendo Owns Game Industry Growth in 2008, No GTA 5 This Year, Worm Has Now Hit 9M PCs, Dell and SSD in the Future

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Today, i've had a pretty busy morning. I've already vacuumed my whole house. It took a while, but it's alright. I'm actually cold in my house because i have to resort to wearing shorts right now. The pants i usually wear are in the dryer, so i have to wait about an hour until they are all dry. While i was eating this morning, i caught a glimpse of the introduction to Barack Obama's inauguration. Anyways, time for the daily news.

Speaking of Barack Obama, he actually supports the Wii. The makers of the Wii, Nintendo (duh!), have spoke out and said that they are "99% responsible for the [gaming] industry's growth [in 2008]." Nintendo's hardware "sold more than 20 million units in the U.S. last year, with 132 million software units sold on the company's platforms." In 2007, Nintendo only sold around 15 million consoles and portables, so in 2008, they had a huge increase. "That increase in sales, Nintendo says, is 99% of the reason the video game industry saw revenues increase by $3.35 billion last year." Incredible statement from Nintendo and there is also a nice pie chart for everyone. Nintendo owns. I still don't like the Wii or the DS / DSi, just in case you're wondering.

A couple of days ago, i talked about a rumour about a new Grand Theft Auto 5 possibly coming out later this year (here). The makers of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar, have stepped up and denied all rumours of a Grand Theft Auto 5 release this year. "For Xbox 360 and DS gamers, at least, there's no shortage of GTA loving this year. The DLC for GTA IV, the Lost and Damned, is on its way, and GTA: Chinatown Wars will be released this March." At least there is still some good news from Rockstar this year, right?

A couple of days ago, i also talked about a Microsoft worm that infected 1.1 million PCs in under 24 hours (here). Well, i have more news on that worm, called Downadup. After just 4 days, Downadup has now, reportedly, hit over 9 million PCs. Downadup also has another name, Conficker. This Microsoft worm actually infects a hole that Microsoft already patched up. How does Downadup (Conficker) infect so many PCs then? Because one-third of all Windows PC users have not installed this patch, which was released last October. "Those PCs are the ones being hijacked by the worm." So, if you haven't updated your Windows PC, i would think that this is a good time to do that. This is another reason why you should keep your Windows Update and all of your anti-virus / anti-spyware programs up-to-date.

Dell is in the news today, regarding SSDs. The Dell XPS M1330 and M1730 laptops now have an option for you to install a 256GB SSD on your model. SSD's (Solid-State Drives) are fairly new technology. "Solid-state drives are generally faster at getting data than [HDDs] hard-disk drives, but pricing is a hurdle for consumers." In our computer / laptop, we store all of our information onto our hard-drves, which are HDDs. Currently, we are trying to make a move towards SDDs. SDDs are much faster and also much more compact than HDDs. But, the SSDs main flaw is that they are, in some cases, 10 times pricier than HDDs. 99% of PC owners, right now, are using HDDs in their computer, but soon (meaning a couple of years) that will change. "Currently the price of consumer-grade SSD costs from $2 to $3.45 per gigabyte, with hard drives going for about 38 cents per gigabyte, according to Gartner Inc. and iSuppli Corp."

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