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Windows 7 Beta Leaked, Hot Shots Golf Fore! (4)

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Well, if anyone wants the Windows 7 Beta 1 it is now out on BitTorrent. "The beta expires July 1, 2009" and i don't really know what else to say. Hopefully though, Windows 7 will smash Vista because it's seriously a terrible OS. When i was at my uncle's condo last night, Aldric's dad, who is a Computer Network Administrator, mentioned that Windows Vista is terrible and that they shouldn't have even released it. He said that at their work they bought a couple of new machines, running Windows Vista. He continued saying that he had to alter some of his programs using Citrix because the programs were incompatible with Windows Vista. He also said that he can't wait for their next OS, Windows 7, because Vista is 'depressing.' Anyways, i would download the Windows 7 beta, but i can't because downloading it as a torrent might push me over my 60GB allowance for the month.

So, ever since my last post, i ate pizza and finished about 750 mL of sliced pineapples (yum!). I've also played HSG4 a lot today, more than expected. I told myself to only play an hour a day because i don't want to finish the game too fast. I've unlocked about half of the character's and i've won about 5 tournaments. I'd estimate myself as being about 5% done the game. That's actually not that much, but if i was awake all day today, i'd probably be closer to around 8% done. Anyways, we'll see what events perspire tomorrow. Maybe church, sleep-in, blogging, PS2, Nikki or maybe even WoW. We'll have to see, but i'm getting scared / excited for my G2 Test on Monday at 2 p.m. Hopefully, i pass and hopefully my mom gives me $75 CAD for the test because she might make me pay for it. But, if she doesn't give me the money, i have a plan for that muahaha. Anyways, i'll tell you more about my life tomorrow. By the way, i never talked to my mom all day today, i've actually never looked at her yet. So far, so good. We'll probably make-up on either the New Years Eve / New Years Day, we'll see.

Windows 7 (and picture): http://gizmodo.com/5119158/windows-7-beta-1-build-7000-leaked-on-bittorrent
Hot Shots Golf Fore (4) picture: http://www.xoyun.com/kunye-Hot-Shots-Golf-Fore--2519.html


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