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Microsoft "Courier" To Sport Dual 7-Inch Multi-Touchscreens

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It looks like that rumour we heard was true, Microsoft is really working on a new dual-screen booklet / notebook kind of thing. I assume the codename is "Courier" right now, but this does looks pretty interesting. This booklet sports two 7-inch displays that can fold into a book. And yes, it has support for multi-touch gestures and you can also use a stylus - but who would want to? This booklet supposedly has a camera on the back - and hopefully it'll also have one on the front.

Apparently though, the UI is "complex." It looks to me like Microsoft could be paving the way for Apple's iTablet to blow them out of the water - at least that's what I think and I'm not even a big Apple fan. The design is fairly interesting though. Could this be a sign of the future textbooks for school?

You can check out this Gizmodo link for a video on the Microsoft Courier.

Update: Just in case I never made it clear, this is a real device and it's in "late prototype" stage right now, so Microsoft did a great job keeping it a secret. Unfortunately, we don't know when or how much it will launch for right now. Hopefully it'll launch right before the holidays.

[Engadget, Gizmodo]


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