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Sony Ericsson Idou Gets An Official Name, Satio; Also Launch Yari and Aino

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Today, Sony Ericsson released a slew of information. One being that the Sony Ericsson Idou will be getting launched this October under the new and official name, the Sony Ericsson Satio. Just in case you forgot, the Satio has: a 3.5-inch resistive touchscreen with a 350 x 640 resolution, a 12.1MP camera, quad-band GSM / UMTS, GPS, WiFi, and will be running on S60 5th Edition. Check out some hands-on details at this link at Tech Radar.

Sony Ericsson wasn't going to stop with the Idou's name change. Next up is the news on the upcoming Sony Ericsson Yari and Aino handsets, left and right in the picture respectively. First up is the Yari, which is a slider handset. The Yari has: a 2.4-inch display, GPS, and support for the PlayNow services we heard about earlier this year. This phone will be available in Q4 of this year for around €400 ($558 USD) unlocked. The other announced handset is the Aino, which has: a 3-inch touchscreen, an 8.1MP camera, Sony Remote Play support, GPS, and HSPA support. This phone should also be available in Q4, but the price is still unknown.

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