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BattleForge Beta, Google Noticeboard, Firefox Betas, NBC Universal On PSN

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The new RTS (that i've never even heard of) BattleForge is available for the public today, thanks to it being in beta starting now. The game is scheduled to be released on March 24, later this month. "The open beta players will have access to all 200 BattleForge cards and all maps in the game. Everyone who takes part in the beta will get the bonus, upgraded Firedancer unit that will be available after launch. Players who pre-order BattleForge from participating retailers will receive four, exclusive units, one from each faction to jump start their decks." BattleForge is supposedly a "breath of fresh air" for the RTS genre combining an MMO-feel and the mechanics of an RTS into one game. The only breath of fresh air that will be going through my lungs is the likes of Starcraft 2, but thanks anyway.

Google Labs India has launched a new service called Google Noticeboard, it "intends to improve the way Indian communities to share information online." "Noticeboard uses a Firefox extension and requires to enable IMAP in Gmail to send messages." Since this service is extremely new, there's not that much information on it. Since it uses a "Firefox extension" i'm not sure if it would work on any other browser, but i'm guessing that it does, in its own different way. I don't even know if this service was worth mentioning today, but i did it anyway.

Firefox 3.1 was supposed to be released in January, but has been continually delayed because of certain issues and bugs. Yesterday, the Mozilla team had a weekly meeting and i have the scoop for you, thanks to ZD Net. The Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 is now finished and Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is scheduled to be released on April 14. Firefox 3.1 is having its version number changed to Firefox 3.5 to represent a bunch of changes, including their "New Tab" page which i will have more information on at a later date.

To wrap up this post, i'll talk about new content that is available on the PlayStation Network. Obviously, if you read the title you already know what it is. It's NBC content that is now available on PSN. NBC and Sony have announced that some NBC content will now be available on PSN, including shows like The Office and also movies. "Pricing is ballpark with the competition: $2.99 to $5.99 for SD and HD rentals, and $9.99 to $14.99 for SD and HD purchases." Engadget points out that they should push for Hulu on the PSN, now that could be a seller.

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NBC Universal On PSN (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/03/10/nbc-universal-content-now-available-on-playstation-network/


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