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Sharp Shows Off Smartphone Prototype With (Glasses-Free) 3D Display, 3D Camera, and 3D Output -- 10-Inch 3D Display Too

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About a month ago we heard about Sharp working on a glasses-free 3D phone with a 3D camera and at IFA they've shown off the prototype. This smartphone - even though it's just a prototype - sports a 3.7-inch LCD display with a 480 x 800 resolution in 2D and in 3D mode has a 400 x 480 resolution. This prototype impressively also has a 3D camera along with 3D output over an HDMI cable. This is all well and dandy but how useful would it be in the real-world.

Engadget has also pointed out that Sharp is showing off their glasses-free 10-inch 3D display as well although it doesn't seem to impress at all.



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