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Samsung B5702 Dual-SIM Handset is Now Official

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The Samsung B5702 is one of the only two phones capable of rocking quad-band with dual-SIM cards. The other phone is the Acer DX600 which was released a couple of days ago. Anyways, the B5702 has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, FM radio, a 3MP camera with autofocus, and Bluetooth - just to name a few. The feature that stands out the most is the ability to use two different SIM cards and being able to switch between them without even rebooting the phone. It has two LED lights on the side which will indicate which SIM card is being used and will have a button that will allow you to switch between the two SIM cards. Expect the B5702 to be released in a number of places - in Russia first - starting in May 2009 for around $420 USD. For more pictures of the Samsung B5702 click on the link below.

[GSM Arena]


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